Longtime Brewers’ Favorite Returns to Seasonal lineup

Mogul Madness Is Back

This winter, Rogue Ales & Spirits is bringing back Mogul Madness, a longtime favorite with brand new graphics. The brewers at Rogue came together to discuss what they wanted for a winter beer, and unanimously decided to bring back Mogul Madness. This dark and malty winter ale will warm anyone up on the coldest days.

“This Rogue classic is just like you remember it, deep amber in color while packing a complex roasted malt bill to cut that winter chill,” says Jason Pond, VP of Production. “Unlike a traditional winter ale, Mogul Madness is generously hopped like an IPA giving it a big piney, citrus flavor and sweet fruit notes. There is a harmonious balance between the malts and hops that brings a smile to our brewers’ faces. It’s a truly delicious achievement that we’re sure you’ll enjoy as much as we do.”

The brand-new packaging portrays a Rogue skier ready to shred because Mogul Madness is brewed in honor of those that dare to ski the bumps. Anyone willing to push their legs, and especially their knees, to those limits deserves a full-flavored winter ale of distinction. Packed with four hop and four malt varieties, this beer is the perfect combination of big piney and sweet fruit notes, making it as smooth as your next run down the moguls.

World Cup champion and US Olympic Silver Medalist mogul skier Jaelin Kauf adds, “This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! Pretty honored to have a beer that’s dedicated to the knees and all of us mogul fans out here.”


PRODUCT FACTS: Mogul Madness

  • Style: Winter Ale  
  • ABV: 6.7%
  • IBU: 68
  • Packaging: 6-pack 12 oz can, draft
  • Availability: November – February