Dedicated to Curiosity

At Rogue our mantra is Dare, Risk, Dream. This is an attitude that comes from relentless curiosity and a drive to question, create, and inspire. A DIY spirit runs through everything we do and make. We aren’t afraid to think big, get messy and risk it all when it comes to creating authentic, innovative products we’re passionate about. Naturally, this ethos has attracted a talented and creative band of employees. We’re lucky to have musicians in our midst, leather crafters, plant whisperers, artists, carpenters, homebrewers, karaoke queens, welders, a break-dancer, a ninja, you name it!

There is something unique and satisfying about the hard work it takes to make physical things, especially in a world of mass-produced products. Making unlocks curiosity, enables creative expression and speaks to the fundamental nature of what it means to be human. To encourage our team to be even more creative in 2020, we launched the Rogue Venture Capital program, an annual fund dedicated to our workforce’s relentless curiosity.

We encouraged all employees to get inventive and dream more than others think practical. Our requirements were simple: employees had to demonstrate their interest in a specific, tangible, measurable project. We recently reviewed all applications for the 2020 Venture Capital program and after thoughtful consideration we’ve awarded 10 tenacious employees with the funds to pursue their projects.

Here are a few of them:

Rogue: Ross Winkler, Job Title: Accountant, Project: Making a Cobbler
Ross, the Rogue number cruncher, wanted to take his leather-crafting skills to the next level and learn how to make his own shoes. So in 2020, Ross will be taking a cobbling (shoemaking) class to hone this skill. “Cobbling is a difficult process that, by the end, yields a product that can be used, is useful, and tells a cool story of a dying skill,” says Ross. Take our money Ol’ Man Winkler!
Rogue: Amanda Zessin, Job Title: Communication & Marketing Manager, Project: Meditation & Mindfulness for Creativity
Runner and yogi Amanda not only applied to go to a meditation retreat, but she also has plans to take the insights she gathers there and share them with her fellow Rogues. “Meditation has been proven to increase creativity and reduce stress… making us more curious to dig deeper and access the minds fullest potential,” says Amanda. We’re celebrating her generosity by sending her to the retreat and are excited to hear back about this life changing experience!

Congrats to Ross and Amanda! We’re stoked to see where these projects will take them in the coming year. Want to add your own mojo to our eclectic team? We’ve got jobs opening in multiple departments! Check out for opportunities.