Filson Interviews Brewmaster Joel Shields

We’re entering our third week of social isolation and it’s feeling intense. We’re getting stir crazy. Nostalgic for simple things like lunch out with coworkers or an after-work drink at our neighborhood bar. Times are absolutely crazy, but I know that we can get through this together. And luckily for us, there are still delicious beers and spirits that you can drink during social isolation. Filson spoke with Joel Shields, Brewmaster at Rogue Ales & Spirits, who shared his go-to quarantine libations.

What beers are you drinking right now?

1. Dead Guy Ale: Our flagship beer has been my go-to beverage during this pandemic. The name may seem dark, but this beer was created nearly thirty years ago for a Día de los Muertos celebration and immediately became a fan-favorite. Dead Guy Ale, my in-case-of-emergency beer, reminds me to enjoy life and remain optimistic even through these scary times. This beer has a robust malt profile and a sweetness that is balanced by the liberal use of bittering hops.

2. Newport Daze: We’re getting to the point of quarantine where ‘airport rules’ apply and there are some mornings where I want to start my day off with a beer. Newport Daze is the beer for that. This light and refreshing hazy pale ale gives off aromas of pineapple and stone fruit. It features tangerine and peach flavors and finishes off slightly sweet and very smooth. Crack open a can of Newport Daze, close your eyes and pretend you’re lying on a beach somewhere. Cheers to mentally transporting.

3. Batsquatch IPA: It’s not drinking alone if you’re drinking with Batsquatch, right? This hazy NE-style IPA features bold tropical hop aromas, flavors of stonefruit, orange and tangerine with a fruity citrus rind finish. Batsquatch, named after the fabled monster who lives deep in the woods of Mount St. Helens, is the beer for outdoor adventure but since we can’t do that right now, I deem that it’s also the beer for sitting on your couch. This refreshingly hazy beer tastes great whether adventuring outdoors or quarantining indoors.

4. Ginger Lime Vodka Mule: I love beer, but these days I’ve also been imbibing canned cocktails. More specifically, I have been craving our Ginger Lime Vodka Mule made with real Rogue Spirits and all-natural ingredients. I miss being able to go out for drinks, so this cocktail allows me to have a bar-quality beverage in the safety of my own home. Our Rogue Spirits Bayfront Vodka forms the base of this cocktail, while ginger and lime provide a refreshing balance of citrus and spice. It’s a well-balanced and refreshing drink that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime of the day.