The Battle of the Beasts

This April and May, Rogue’s Monsters of IPA will come to life as they face off in the ultimate duel, the Battle of the Beasts. Fans already know and love Batsquatch Hazy IPA. Last year, Rogue introduced Colossal Claude Imperial IPA. And this year, Rogue is thrilled to launch Gumberoo West Coast IPA. These elusive creatures have mystified Oregon and inspired lore for nearly a hundred years, which is why Rogue has brewed tasteful IPAs in their honor. Rogue’s Monsters of IPA celebrates these legends and the beers behind them.

Which of these monsters has what it takes to win the ultimate duel? From the air to the sea to the earth, they all have special skills to bring to the fight.

You can vote for your favorite Beast and be entered to win a Monsters of IPA swag filled RTIC cooler in two ways:

  1. Vote on
  2. Check in Batsquatch, Gumberoo or Colossal Claude in UnTappd to vote and earn an exclusive Monsters of IPA badge.

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