Rogue’s Racket Club Band Releases First Single

Rogue Ales & Spirits is proud to release Jam Sesh, a blonde ale that is brewed with fresh strawberries and upcycled bread. This new beer is dedicated to the Rogue band and their Friday night jam sessions. To celebrate this launch, the Rogue band released its first single, which is available now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Most Friday evenings you can hear the Rogue band jamming in the warehouse. The Rogue team found that the music sounds a bit better after a few beers, so they created this sessionable ale with that in mind. Brewed using locally-sourced, upcycled bread and fresh strawberry, Jam Sesh blonde ale is on ode to late nights, tasty licks and face-melting solos.

I’m so pumped to have a beer that’s dedicated to the session,” says Noah Smith, Associate Brand Manager. “I love jamming with the team after work and the fact that our little gatherings inspired a new product from start to finish is so cool. We’ve got members from multiple departments and welcome anyone that wants to jam. Also, the beer is delicious!

“Jam Sesh Blonde Ale is light, refreshing and fruity making it the perfect beer to complement our Friday night jam seshes,” adds Lisa Johnson, VP of Culture and lead vocals. “We’re extremely proud to release our first single in honor of this beer and can’t wait to see what’s next for the Rogue Band. Stay tuned for more!”

Watch the official Jam Sesh music video: