Who Wins My Dead Guy Ink?

Vote for the eight finalists vying for a Dead Guy tattoo and win yourself a Dead Guy package of your own.


We asked the most diehard Rogues to show and tell us why they deserve a one-of-a-kind Dead Guy tattoo by a local Oregon artist and a trip to see us here in Oregon to get their ink done (and visit Rogue World Headquarters).

So many great entries poured in from Rogues across the country. We wish we could bring them all here but we can only pick one. That’s where you come in.

We’ve chosen eight finalists. Vote for them at and you could win a Dead Guy gift pack for it. Click here to vote, enter and read the official rules.

Without further ado, our finalists are:

Jason Tholen


“I’d love another Rogue tattoo to add to my collection. Also, the first beer my wife and I shared 10 years ago was a Dead Guy Ale. Our daughter is named Rogue and we would love to come to Oregon to see where and how Dead Guy is made.” — Jason

Christopher Martel


“My second (legal) beer was a Dead Guy. My Dad brought me out on my 21st birthday and bought me a Bud Lite. It was an exciting moment for a younger me. Then he said he was going to ruin my beer world for the rest of my life. He bought me a Dead Guy… That first Dead Guy awakened a thirst for more than the every day beer. I seek out small brewpubs, forever in search of the perfect pint. Every trip I make back to Oregon (or to Washington, thanks to the Issaquah Brewhouse) I come home to Massachusetts with unique and different offerings from Rogue to share with my friends and loved ones …” — Christopher

Robert Farver


“I don’t ask for much. I like putting others before myself. I’ve sacrificed my blood, sweat, and tears fighting for our country. I’m a two time Army Combat Veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. When I got out in 2010 I found my passion was beer. Brewing beer and growing hops is my stress reliever. It has helped me with managing my ptsd. I started a small hop farm and home brewing shortly after I came back from Iraq… Rogue Ales has been one of my all time favorite craft breweries and Dead Guy Ale was first craft beer I drank. I currently have no tattoos. The above photo is a clone version of Dead Guy Ale that I brew.” — Robert

Jared Bertoli


“Rogue Newport has been a highlight of my family vacations to Seal Rock, OR for years. My grandparents used to take us yearly and now their health and funding no longer supports it. My brother also recently graduated from OSU and now lives in Portland. I’ve been a huge fan of Rogue and Dead Guy Ale/Whiskey for years due to my Oregon family and your great beer… I would also be honored to add some new ink with the dead guy logo, and it would be meaningful to me on several levels!” — Jared

Sarah Hogan


“Currently residing in Mobile Alabama, I often find refuge in bars where I can find my favorite northwest brewery specialties. I’ve been here for the past 2 years as a student veteran, working my way through expendable cash to keep my beer obsessed habit quenched. I’m working my way towards Oregon state parks, and I hope to be closer to my favorite addictions of good coffee and amazing beer. When I was in the service, I was first sent to Tillamook, Ore., and my first outing was to the Rogue Public House in Astoria Oregon. I fell in love and became obsessed with trying every brew available.” — Sarah

Alison Roth


“I have been a Dead Guy fan since 2000 when I had it at a beer festival. It has been my favorite beer since until I found Double Dead Guy. When I returned from Iraq, a case of Double Dead Guy was waiting for me because my ex-wife knew how much I loved it. Quite a few years later, I realized I was transgender and began transition. I no longer feel like the guy I used to be and for all intents and purposes, that guy is dead. Only the best parts of me remain, including my love of Dead Guy. I would love to have a tattoo of the Dead Guy to show my love of it but also to represent how the guy I was is no more.” — Alison

Troy Prouty


“This last September my wife was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. It’s been a fight. I’m proud of her. We both love Rogue and the coast; it helps center us during this time. In fact we just got back from camping onstage coast. Rogue is special to me having been a part of my life since late 90s. Including the farm. I love going there a lot. I love making your homebrew kits, rating your food and your whiskey… Anyways.. She deserves it.” — Troy

Tracy Tuzzolino


“I introduced my East Coast husband to Oregon beer. I’ve followed him around the world as he’s served, sent the Rogue flag with him to Afghanistan, serve as administrative assistant to Scooter, Rogue World Ambassador (canine version), but haven’t been home to Oregon since 2009. It’s time. I think our entire family embodies the Rogue spirit, and I’ve got some room on my arm for new ink.” — Tracy

Get your vote before May 31 so we can choose the grand prize winner. And you’ll be entered in our drawing for Dead Guy Gift Packs. Best of luck to all Rogues.