We Really Don’t Get This Snow, Or Why It Had to Fall From The Sky

As every true-blue Oregonian knows, only Mt. Hood gets snow.

I don’t get snow.

I don’t understand snow storms.

I don’t get the creepy-thickly-laid-blanket-like way that it covers everything in white. Maybe you’re used to it, but to me it seems right up there with ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ blizzard in the Bad Weather Crapshoot.

I don’t get why we can’t just sit at the bar at Rogue Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery (928 SE 9th Ave., 503–517–0660, and drink pints and eat wings all day when the snow is refusing to melt.


I don’t know why we can’t pay $5 for those wings all day. Or why we can’t just open our doors to everyone, locals and tourists, so they can get away from that absurd white mush and order Cold Brew IPA, crafted with Rogue Farms-grown ingredients and Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee, or 8 Hop IPA, which just won a silver medal at the World Beverage Competition.

But you know? I do actually understand why locals and tourists alike want to join the Rogue Nation and get $1 off all beers and a birthday beer and discounts on Rogue gear and the goofy Hawaiian-shirty Tiki Tuesday specials every single week at all Rogue pubs.

That’s because the Rogue Nation represents revolution and welcomes citizens from all over the country — and the world. And as every true-blue Oregonian knows, we welcome people to our state with open arms.

Tourists, we hope you’ll come see us when you’re visiting. Locals, we hope to see you back in the pubs again soon. If you’re in Portland today, join us at any of our three local Rogue Meeting Halls for $5 wings all day and we’ll be happy to swear you into the Rogue Nation while we’re at it.