Toast Sriracha Week with Sriracha Stout

This dark beer is perfect for pairing and sharing.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, we just started a year of the Fire Rooster — the perfect time to enjoy some iconic hot rooster sauce.

Stop by and see us at any Rogue Meeting Hall during Sriracha Week (March 6–12) to check out our Sriracha specials and have a pint of spicy Sriracha Stout.


Outside of the pubs, hardworking office Rogues will be testing their creativity and heat tolerance in a Sriracha dip-off, testing out original recipes featuring Rogue Sriracha Stout. Find and vote for your favorites on our Instagram.

Are you a culinary creative? Tag @RogueAles on Twitter and Instagram or post to our Facebook to show us your own Sriracha Stout creations.


To toast Sriracha Week at home, pick up a painted red 750ml bottle of Sriracha Stout at any of our Meeting Halls, or find one near you using the Rogue Finder tool.