Throwing My Hat In

A statement from the President of the Rogue Nation.


The Green Room, October 10th, 2016

Fellow Revolutionaries,

I have arrived back home in Portland, Oregon after my best tour yet. I drove RV Force One 6915 miles through 22 states over 48 days to establish 11 new Rogue Nation Embassies, shake 433 hands, kiss 17 babies, and swear in scores of new Rogue Nation Citizens (including five cats and six dogs). Thank you everyone who came out to rally with me along the way.

Seeing this great country from sea to shining sea allowed me the incredible opportunity to talk with you, Rogue Nation Citizens. Time and again I heard the same sentiment: the voices of those demanding beer that isn’t tasteless or served ice-cold to mask the lack of hops and malt fall on deaf ears.

This just won’t do. Someone needs to take a stand for those that stand against boring beer.

It is with this greater purpose in mind that I announce my candidacy as a write-in nominee for the upcoming presidential election. I shall run under the newly formed Hops and Malts Party.

Would you cast your write-in vote for me in this presidential election, Rogue Nation Citizens?

Rise Up!


Big Al Jorgensen, President of the Rogue Nation