The Rogue You Can ‘Ac-COUNT’ On

Meet Rogue’s Modern-Day Renaissance Woman in this installment of ‘Get to Know a Rogue.’

“I have memories with Kathy but I can’t repeat them.”

Not one but two people in the Rogue office said this with a laugh when reflecting on their longtime co-worker, Kathy Iler. Honestly, it’s hard not to like the person who’s been putting money in almost every Rogue employee’s bank account over the last couple decades. No matter how much mischief she’s gotten them into.

This week marks Kathy’s twentieth anniversary at Rogue Ales & Spirits World Headquarters in Newport, Ore. All that time, Kathy’s been knocking out projects like expenses, collecting invoices, calculating sales revenue and an endless amount of other tax stuff. As well as pretty much every other job you can have at the brewery.


“She’s Rogue’s modern-day renaissance woman,” says Nathan Kintz, Rogue’s Accounting Manager in Portland, Ore.

In a way, Rogue is in Kathy’s blood: she got the gig because of a family connection. Her aunt was married to Jim Cline, our longtime Director of BS (aka Beer Sales).

“After losing my job in Portland, my uncle invited me to Newport to help with the first Rogue Garage Sale. I stuck around on a work contract to help with things like filing and organizing. Then Jack found out I knew computers and put me on payroll in March of 1998,” Kathy explains.

It’s safe to say that Kathy knows the Newport brewery like the back of her hand. “I’ve done it all … except the forklift,” She admits.

When asked about her career at Rogue, she shares endless stories of her time managing the Brewer’s on the Bay Public House and overseeing the merchandise area. She also divulges memories of our co-founder Jack Joyce. But she asked us not to repeat those either …

“Jack was just a one-of-a-kind guy,” Kathy tells us. “The shareholders used to say we’re here because there’s a morbid curiosity of what Jack will do next.”

Kathy grew up in Newport, Ore., playing on the docks. She still calls Newport home today.

And don’t let her ace computing and accounting skills fool you; Kathy loves being outdoors and looks forward to an annual trip she takes every year with her daughter and a handful of women outside Sisters, Ore.

“Its a girls-only trip where we drink, eat and trail ride,” she confesses.

Cheers to another twenty years, Kathy.

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