The Rogue Revolution CANtinues

Rogue enters the world of cans.

“We’re really fired up to put Rogue beers into a can package that’s so versatile,” said Rogue President Brett Joyce.

Since Dec. 14, cans of Dead Guy Ale and 6 Hop IPA have been rolling off Rogue’s new canning line.


The brand new model from Wild Goose Canning in Boulder, Colo., is one of less than 20 in the world at this point, estimates Mike Isaacson, Rogue’s Chief Operating Officer.

Rogue forayed into cans with its Pendleton Pale Ale in April and Yellow Snow IPA in November, but both were canned on a contracted mobile canning line, which has drawbacks.

“We can basically make better beer by doing it ourselves,” Mike explained. “We can get the DO (dissolved oxygen) levels consistently lower.”
At its highest level, Rogue has been toying with adding cans for years. Graphic designer Hagen Moore and his brother, marketing VP Devin Moore, proposed cans to Rogue’s board in 2008.

“We were basically told that Rogue will never be put in a can,” laughed Hagen. “Some ideas take on really quick and others take some time for people to come around to.”


Cans have been steadily gaining momentum in the craft beer market, so the time finally felt right, said Mike. Last May, Rogue started planning for the new line.

At the brewery, preparations started in November, when a new drain line and protective floor coating were added. Installation took another 10 days.


It’s worth the wait for Rogues involved with production at the brewery. They’re excited to be able to can the beer themselves and about the machinery’s capabilities. The new line, installed by Washington-based Pacific Packaging Systems, Inc., can produce as many as 88 cans per minute.

“The coolest thing about the line is that we’ll be able to do nitrogen cans,” Mike said.

Nitro cans are expected to start rolling out this summer, along with other canned brews throughout the year.

“Look for a lot more cans from us in the year to come,” said Brett.

See the canning line in action: