The Rogue from Down Under

Meet Rogue Nation’s Secretary of State, Peter “Dogs” Donaghy in this installment of our Rogue Nation Ambassador series.

The Rogue Nation relies on its dozens of honorary ambassadors around the world to help spread the Revolution. These dedicated Rogue Nation citizens are members of an elite squad known as Rogue Nation Ambassadors. These are their stories.

“My good mate here in Australia told me about some cracking beers that had just been imported,” Peter Donaghy recalls about his first Rogue encounter in 2007. “Tried a couple and fell in love with them all.”

If you’ve ever been to a Rogue Nation gathering, you may have heard the name “Dogs”. Peter “Dogs” Donaghy, of New Castle, New South Wales, Australia, the Rogue Nation Secretary of State, and owner of arguably the most comprehensive Rogue bottle collections outside of Oregon. In fact, it might be the most complete in the world.

Dogs made it his personal mission to become the most Rogue rogue. “In 2009 I got a nice big refund from the taxation department, so I decided that seeing as how I loved the beer in the bottles, I would go over to where it was brewed and try it fresh on tap.”

Rogue Nation Secretary of State, Peter “Dogs” Donaghy
Rogue Nation Secretary of State, Peter “Dogs” Donaghy

“That is when I was adopted by my second family.” The Rogue Nation is now his home away from home.

Dogs’ bottle collection is practically unrivaled. “Last count is 509 plus 5 cans, with a couple more on their way from a few collectors in the States.”

His thirst for Rogue has him tracking down bottles from all corners of the world. First intrigued by the vast anthology of colorful and unique labels, Dogs sometimes spends top dollar to acquire his prized possessions. Most recently, he acquired a bottle of the Rogue military bottle series 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team Sunset Stout.

He’s constantly on the hunt for more bottles. “I’m still missing approximately 190 that I can identify,” he laments. “It will be never ending.”

Dogs admits it’s hard to pick a favorite. (514 bottles and cans offers a lot of options.) Then after considering it for a minute, he says he prefers one near and dear to his heart: 20,000 Brews by the Sea, the bottle commemorating Rogue Brewmaster John Maier’s 20,000th bottling.

He picked it up during his last visit to Rogue World Headquarters in Newport, the night before its official release, personally signed and dated. “John personally wrote a lovely message. Prize possession.”

Will he ever drink it? “I have one cellared and not to be opened for 10 years. Was going to cellar it for 20 but I might not be around to taste it,” he laughs.

Prior to his nomination as Secretary of State, Dogs spent 23 years in the Australian Air Force, followed by a 15 year tenure as a defense contractor. Dogs has been retired for four years, but keeps busy as a Traffic Controller, known locally as “A Lolly Pop person.” He’s always on the lookout for another bottle for his collection, as well as taking the occasional trip back to Oregon to visit Rogue World Headquarters.

Dogs plans on visiting this summer, arriving in Portland August 29, before heading down and spending a few weeks in Newport. Keep an eye out for him, he’s hard to miss.