The New Beer of the Rogue Nation

Outta Line IPA adopted as Official Beer of Nation

Rogue's newest West Coast IPA, Outta Line IPA has been named the official beer of the Rogue Nation by President Big Al Jorgensen in a statement issued on Monday, January 14, 2019.


By the authority vested in me as the President of the Rogue Nation, I hereby order that Outta Line IPA will be adopted as the official beer of the Rogue Nation. I have personally decreed that all seven of our Meeting Halls and two Tasting Rooms will make it available -- on tap as well as in bottles and cans.

After months of closed-door meetings with my most trusted advisors, I have determined that Outta Line IPA is a more fitting beer to represent the Nation. As a West Coast IPA, it's tied to our roots as one of the furthest west West Coast breweries. Not to mention that above all, the Rogue Nation values those who go Rogue and do things their own way. So we've chosen this beer, brewed in dedication of Going Rogue.

Come witness for yourself at your local Rogue Meeting Hall this Wednesday, January 16, 2019, when we officially unveil our new Official Beer of the Nation. Order a pint of Outta Line IPA and you'll get to keep the pint glass for free (while supplies last).

Order a pint at Rogue Public Houses during the Rogue Nation Night Preview & Pint Night event and keep the pint glass.
Order a pint at Rogue Public Houses during the Rogue Nation Night Preview & Pint Night event and keep the pint glass.

To toast the new beer of the Nation, we sent a few of our bravest Rogues to fly off a bridge.

Fear not! While Brutal IPA is stepping down as the official brew, it'll still be available in limited batches at Rogue Public Houses.

On Wednesday, we'll also be hosting a sneak peek of our Rogue Nation Night, a new monthly gathering for Rogue Nation Citizens to meet up, compete in outta line tournaments, taste new beers issued from the Nation's brewers and raise a glass to going Rogue in 2019. We'll be sending more information about these gatherings very soon.

An official announcement will be made at Wednesday's event. If you can't make it in person, tune in to watch the announcement live at 5:30pm Pacific Time on our Facebook page.

Come toast to Outta Line IPA with us. Or click here to find Outta Line IPA on tap, in bottles or cans near you.

Rise Up,

Big Al Jorgensen,

President of the Rogue Nation