Why You’ll Want To Drink Dead Guy Whiskey In The Dark

Because it glows.

Look for Dead Guy Whiskey in special glow-in-the-dark bottles. Halloween will never be same again.

I mash Dead Guy Whiskey with the same grains I use in Dead Guy Ale. But instead of adding hops and brewing it, I transport it across the parking lot to the Rogue Distillery here in Newport, Oregon where we distill it in a custom made, hand built, Vendome Copper still.


Then we ocean age Dead Guy in White Oak Barrels and bottle it by hand.


Soon, I’ll be mashing Dead Guy Whiskey with Rogue Farms hand crafted malts made from the barley we grow in Tygh Valley, Oregon. The Risk™ and Dare™ malting barley is floor malted and micro malted in small batches at the Farmstead Malt House – right next to the barley fields. If you grow it, you know it.


If you want to make a good spirit, first start with good beer.

If you want to enjoy Dead Guy Whiskey with the lights out, look for the glow-in-the-dark bottles.