Why Winston Churchill Drinks At Breakfast

Today we toast Sir Winston Churchill; war hero, award winning historian, and as Prime Minister the man who steered Great Britain through the darkest hours of World War II. The kind of guy not afraid to drink at breakfast.

Churchill was a true Rogue. Unafraid to speak his mind even when what he had to say was unpopular, he was among the first to warn Britain about the dangers of Adolf Hitler.

He overcame a lisp to become one of the great orators of his generation. His wartime speeches inspired his fellow Britons to fight on, even when the battle against Nazi Germany appeared hopeless to everyone else.

After the war he coined the phrase “Iron Curtain” to describe the Soviet Union’s growing influence over Eastern Europe.

On April 9th, 1963, the United States honored this “steadfast friend of the American people” by proclaiming Churchill an honorary citizen, the first to be given such an award.

As the story goes, Churchill liked to wash down his breakfast with whiskey. So on this 52nd anniversary of Winston Churchill Day in America, we present a Rogue version of what’s become known as the Churchill Breakfast Cocktail.

Churchill Breakfast Cocktail


1.5 ounces Rogue Spirits Oregon Rye Whiskey
half ounce Cold Brew Coffee
1/4 ounce maple syrup
dash Angostura Bitters
3 large ice cubes
cinnamon stick


Add rye whiskey, maple syrup, coffee and bitters to a pint glass. Add ice. Char the cinnamon stick and then grate it into a martini glass. Shake the pint glass mixture, strain the mixture into the martini glass and garnish with the charred cinnamon stick.

Churchill and his famous “V for Victory”.
Churchill and his famous “V for Victory”.