Welcome The Weekend With Rogue Spirits’ New Cocktails

April is cocktail month at Rogue Spirits. We’re rolling out a new cocktail menu at Rogue Meeting Halls this month, and posting the recipes for you to try at home.

Today, two very different kind of cocktails.

Old FashionedRogue Spirits Dead Guy Whiskey

The classic Old Fashioned may be one of the oldest cocktails in American history, with references dating back to 1806. Traditionally made with whiskey, some of the recipes over the years have included brandy, rum and gin.

Our version is classical all the way.


Directions: Add sugar to glass. Add bitters, dissolve sugar in bitters add whiskey, stir. Add one large ice cube and garnish with maraschino cherry and orange peel.

Adult Float Rogue Spirits Hazelnut Spice Rum and Rogue Root Beer

Thanks Robert McCay Green for inventing one of the best treats a child could wish for. The soda jerk came up with the idea adding ice cream to his sodas in 1874 as a way to stand out from the competition.

Our version of the root beer float is for adults only, but will make you feel like a kid again.


Directions: Add root beer and rum to glass, add one cup ice cream. Serve with a straw and spoon.

Come back next week for more cocktail recipes, or visit one of our pubs and let our bartenders do the work for you!