Three Ways To Toast Repeal Day With Rogue Spirits

Here’s a date we think needs be a US holiday, December 5th. It was on this day in 1933 that Utah ratified the 21st Amendment and the national nightmare of Prohibition was finally over.

So until Congress approves our petition to add Repeal Day to the holiday calendar, here are our suggestions on how to celebrate with Rogue Spirits.

Gin Cocktails

Prohibition didn’t stop Americans from drinking, and their spirit of choice back then was gin. This was the era of “bathtub gin,” amateur made spirits of poor quality. Frankly, a lot of it was nasty tasting. Bartenders worked hard to mask the flavor of bathtub gin by adding other ingredients. That’s why today we have so many recipes for gin cocktails.

Here are two of our favorites. The Spruce Goose Cocktail was inspired by customers at our pubs. They came up with the idea of mixing our Spruce Gin with Rogue Ales’ 7 Hop IPA.


This next recipe is our Rogue take on the Negroni. It mixes great with either Spruce Gin or Pink Spruce Gin (our Spruce Gin aged in Oregon Pinot Noir barrels).


Rye Whiskey

Rye Whiskey was a huge casualty of Prohibition. Before Prohibition it was one of the most popular spirits in America. Afterwards, almost no one distilled it and even fewer of us drank it. Cocktail aficionados had moved to mixed drinks made of vodka or gin.

But as American palates are getting more adventurous, Rye Whiskey is making a comeback. We’re falling in love again with its spiciness and how it takes traditional cocktails to a whole new place. With that in mind, we created this extra spicy take on the Sazerac using our Oregon Rye Whiskey and Sriracha Sauce.


Wherever you find yourself on Repeal Day, and regardless of what’s in your glass, raise a toast to the day when Americans reclaimed their freedom to enjoy their favorite beer, spirit or cider.