Three Ways To Drink Hazelnuts With Rogue Spirits

Continuing our celebration of National Hazelnut Appreciation Month, we’re back with three new cocktails made with Rogue Spirits Hazelnut Spice Rum.


Infusing fresh roasted hazelnuts into our rum makes it quintessentially Oregon.

More than 99% of the US Hazelnut crop is grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, which is also home to Rogue Farms.

So where we do we get our nuts from? From our neighbors, the Kirk family, who run a 98-acre hazelnut orchard alongside our farm.

Two of today’s recipes include other quintessentially Oregon ingredients, and the final one is a nutty take on the root beer float.

Oregon Kiss

The Oregon Coast is one of the top cranberry growing regions of the country. The terroir is so good, that our cranberries are sweeter and redder than just about anywhere else. If you ever had a taste of cranberry juice, you were drinking Oregon cranberries. Without them, the juice would be more tart and almost clear in color.

Our Oregon Kiss cocktail mixes two of the state’s best known flavors into a light drink that will put a slight pucker on your lips.



Combine all ingredient into a highball glass filled with ice. Stir. Garnish with lemon wedge.

Fruit Loop

The Marionberry, a type of blackberry, was born in Oregon right across the river from Rogue Farms. It was developed in Marion County by researchers for the USDA and Oregon State University who wanted to breed a blackberry that was larger and slightly more tart than other varieties. We love the flavor so much that we started growing our own at Rogue Farms. We’ll harvest our first crop of Prickless Marionberries this summer.

Marionberries plus hazelnuts gives you this Oregon homage to the mojito.



In the bottom of a glass, muddle together the marionberries, mint leaves, sugar, Hazelnut Spice Rum and lime juice. Add ice cubes and club soda to the glass. Stir. Garnish with more blackberries and sprig of mint.

Floating Nut

We found this recipe for a rum float, and just had to make Rogueish. Along with our rum, the other key ingredient is Rogue Root Beer, a deliciously complex concoction that revolutionizes everything you think a root beer should be.



Squeeze a half lime and let the juice run into the bottom of a glass. Add the rum and root beer. Top with 2-3 scoops of ice cream. We recommend vanilla, or maybe coconut. But let your imagination lead you. Stir everything gently to create a frothy topping.

Now you have three new ways to appreciate hazelnuts. Our job here is done. For more Rogue Spirits cocktails recipes click here, or visit the Rogue Spirits page on