The Rogue Spirits Christmas Cocktail Recipe Cheat Sheet

We’re seeing a lot of advice lately on how to make the best Christmas cocktails. Use hot chocolate, mix in eggnog, and it’s gotta be topped with whipped cream sprinkled with fresh Indonesian nutmeg shavings and garnished with a cinnamon stick imported from a cooperative in Sri Lanka.

Good grief.

Let’s keep this simple. We took three classic cocktails and gave them the Rogue Spirits treatment. You won’t have to wander the stores looking for the ingredients. Best of all, we put them together in a easy-to-use guide that you can print and bring with you to your Christmas celebrations.


Made with actual spruce tips, our Spruce Gin will take you over the river and through the woods whether you own a sleigh or not.


Yaquina Head is a basalt headland near our hometown of Newport, Oregon. It extends a full mile from the coast into the Pacific Ocean. Our Oregon Rye Whiskey stands out too, with a spicy aroma that you can only get with rye in the mash.


A spirited version of Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale, our Dead Guy Whiskey is based on Brewmaster John Maier’s classic recipe. If you’re in the mood for an Old Fashioned Christmas, this cocktail can’t be beat.

Now as promised, you can download and print all three cocktails on one sheet of paper. Just click here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Rogue Spirits!