Sriracha Week At Rogue Spirits, The Red Cocktail

We introduced the RED Cocktail last summer, when Rogue Spirits joined the Eat Red, Drink Red campaign to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. This week, we’re releasing it to celebrate Sriracha Week, a massive collision of Sriracha Hot Sauce and Rogue Ales and Spirits.

The RED is a Rogue version of a Sazerac, one of the first cocktails ever invented in the United States. Our Oregon Rye Whiskey makes it smooth, Sriracha Hot Chili Spice gives it an unforgettable kick.



Muddle sugar cube at the bottom of a shaker pint in bitters until dissolved. Add Sriracha Sauce and Oregon Rye Whiskey. Shake.

Rinse an old fashioned glass with absinthe or anise liqueur. Add a large ice cube. Strain the Sriracha and Whiskey over the ice into the old-fashioned glass. Add lemon twist and serve.

On each day of Sriracha Week, we’ll post a recipe that includes either Rogue Ales Sriracha Hot Stout, or Sriracha Hot Sauce, along with one of our Rogue Spirits whiskeys and vodkas. Come back tomorrow for a new one, or post a recipe of your own on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the #SrirachaWeek hashtag.