Scary Halloween Cocktails From Rogue Spirits

Just about everyone enjoys a good scare at Halloween. To help set the mood for this weekend’s festivities, we picked three cocktails recipes and ranked them according to scariness.


Take all the ingredients, minus the pumpkin, and stir them together. Cut open the pumpkin and hollow it out. Next, pour the liquid into the pumpkin and serve. You can use an actual pumpkin tap like we did to pour the drinks. Or you can use a ladle in traditional punch bowl style.

Scary? Not really. But it’ll have everyone talking.


What makes this cocktail somewhat scarier is our Oregon Rye Whiskey. Not everyone takes to the flavor of rye right off the bat. It may take some time to get familiar with its spiciness. But once you do, you’re hooked.

Red Hot Poker Drink photo by Edsel Little via Flickr Creative Commons.
Red Hot Poker Drink photo by Edsel Little via Flickr Creative Commons.

We went way back in time for this recipe. Before the Revolutionary War with Britain, our forefathers drank a concoction called Flip. There were a lot of different ways to make a Flip, but this one caught our eye. It calls for pumpkin beer, rum and brown sugar. We recommend our Hazelnut Spice Rum.

What makes it scary? For starters, there’s no mention of how much beer, rum or brown sugar goes into a Flip. You’re on your own with that.

What makes it really scary? Believe or not, according to the book Colonial Folkways, the colonists used to top off the cocktail by plunging a red hot poker into it. Not only did it heat up the drink, but it improved the taste by carmelizing the sugars and setting the alcohol vapors on fire. The aroma is said to be out of this world. This should only be attempted by trained professionals.

So whether you’re going to be out on the town this weekend, or at home bribing witches, goblins and ghosts with free sweets, start off with one of these cocktails and you’ll soon be in the Halloween spirit.