Rolling Out Our 100th Barrel At Rolling Thunder

It’s a proud day for us at Rolling Thunder Barrel Works.

Head Cooper Nate Lindquist just finished Barrel #100, and our distiller Jake filled it with Dead Guy Whiskey to begin aging the spirit.

Cooper Nate Lindquist and Rolling Thunder Barrel #100.
Cooper Nate Lindquist and Rolling Thunder Barrel #100.

Reaching #100 is milestone for us, but it’s also important because it represents lots of hard work. Nate assembles, raises, toasts, hoops, crozes, hoops again, cauterizes, sands and brands each barrel – one at time. Most of the tools he uses are so old they could be museum pieces.

It took us 11 months to reach barrel #100. One of the big barrel factories out East can churn out that many barrels in just a few hours. But we didn’t start Rolling Thunder Barrel Works to be fast and efficient. We dedicated ourselves to reviving the slow traditions of artisan coopering, to craft our barrels by hand, using Oregon White Oak sourced from the Oregon Coast Range.

Nate says he won’t need as much time to reach #200. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no rushing quality.