Rogue Spirits Floor Malting and Micro Malting

Floor malting and micro malting continued at a steady pace. Roasting and smoking on hold. Here’s this week’s report.

Farmstead Malt House – Tygh Valley, Oregon

Batch 74: Floor Malt On the floor, flipped and watered. Move to kiln, flipped some more. Finished kilning, bagged, ready to truck to Newport.
Batch 75: Micro Malt Dumped into steeper, steeped and couched. Move to germinator, flipped and watered.

Roasting and Smoking – Rogue Brewery, Newport, Oregon

No roasting or smoking this week.
Inventory: * Black: 850 lbs * Chocolate: 475 lbs * Dark Brown: 600 lbs * Brown: 650 lbs