Rogue Mash Transit

After years of transporting our mash from the Rogue Brewery to the Rogue Distillery using forklifts, Rogue Spirits is proud to announce a Revolutionary way of moving mash.


The Rogue Mash Transit System started life as a milk truck. We spent days cleaning and re-cleaning the tank to ensure that our whiskeys, rums, vodkas and gins are dairy free. Rogue Mash Transit operates seven days a week on a 498-foot (one way) route across the parking lot between the Rogue Brewery and Distillery in Newport, Oregon. Average commute time is 96 seconds, depending on traffic.

So why the trip?

At Rogue Spirits we know that every world class spirit starts out as a world class beer.

Just like Rogue’s ales, lagers, porters and stouts, a Rogue spirit begins as a mash we created from Rogue Farms ingredients and fermented in the Brewery under the watchful eye of Brewmaster John Maier.

John Maier at work in the Brewery fine tuning a mash for Rogue Spirits.
John Maier at work in the Brewery fine tuning a mash for Rogue Spirits.

When the mash is complete, we load it into the Mash Transit for its drive to the Distillery where we’ll pot distill it in small batches and ocean age it in oak barrels on the south shore of Yaquina Bay.

Rogue Spirits is a labor of love between Brewmaster John Maier and our team of distillers, working together to create whiskies, vodkas, gins and rums made from the Rogue Farms proprietary palate of flavors.

Come visit us in our hometown of Newport, Oregon for a tour the Rogue Brewery and Distillery, and see for yourself how world class beer becomes world class spirits. Just beware trucks bearing mash and don’t forget to look both ways.