Old Time Floor Malting Spirits and Beer

By John Maier

I’ve been writing a lot about the Rogue Farmstead Malt House in Tygh Valley. Floor malting, micro malting, we do both here.

Eric and Barbara sent in some photos of what’s going on. Very Rogue-like. Lots of hard work and nothing fancy about it. This is how the old timers did it until about two centuries ago.

Posting the photos so you can see for yourself how Rogue creates DIY Pilsner floor malt and micro malt.

Inside the Farmstead Malt House with Eric Hyatt and Doc McAllister. Pretty basic. Eric finished building the malt floor about a week ago.


Eric’s first batch on the floor.


He flips the malting barley with a shovel to control the speed of germination. How often depends on outdoor temps, indoor temps, time of day, season of the year. Lots of variables to consider.


What it looks like when it’s done. Little chits and acrospires sticking out.


Place it in the kiln to bake and then screen sift it by hand to remove the chits and acrospires.


Bagged and ready to go to Newport. I’ll mash it or brew it. Might smoke or roast it, too.


Tomorrow I’ll show you how micro malting works.