DIY Malting and Roasting at Rogue Farms

Another busy week for the guys who malt and roast the barley we use in Rogue Spirits.

Farmstead Malt House, Tygh Valley, Oregon


At the Farmstead Malt House we moved a batch of floor malt off the floor, into the kiln, then bagged it for shipment to the Rogue Brewery in Newport. A batch of micro malt was steeped and hauled into the germinating box. And then, a new batch of floor malt went into the steeper. Progress on three batches in one week is pretty fast considering we do everything by hand.

Roasting and Smoking at the Rogue Brewery, Newport, Oregon


Only one day of roasting. Stopped when the motor was making weird noises. Current inventory of Rogue roasted malt includes:

Black: 700 lbs
Chocolate: 950 lbs
Dark Brown: 800 lbs
Brown: 650 lbs