Cocktail On Tap: The High Lord

Sometimes the oddest sounding collaborations are the best.

Take our latest collision with craft teamaker Steve Smith. We started with Rogue Spirits Dead Guy Whiskey, infused it with Smith’s Lord Bergamont Tea and asked our distiller John Wilcox to create something unique and interesting.

The result? A perfect marriage of two Oregon artisans we call the High Lord Cocktail.


The High Lord Cocktail goes on tap today at the Rogue Distillery and Public House on NW Flanders in Portland, Oregon. But you better hurry. John only made a limited supply. This is one of those marriages that won’t last long.

We understand that not all of you will be able to make it in time to enjoy the High Lord straight from the tap. So in the spirit of the DIY philosophy of Rogue Ales and Spirits, here’s the list of ingredients so you can mix your own. As for the exact proportions? That’s still John’s secret.

High Lord Cocktail

Dead Guy Whiskey
Smith Teamaker Lord Bergamot Black Tea
Dry Vermouth
Orange Bitters
Peychuad’s Bitters