Boys, Have A Drink

With our Distillery on the Oregon Coast, we at Rogue Spirits know how dangerous it can be when you make your living plying the waters of the North Pacific.


The history of the coast is littered with shipwrecks, some big, some small, some deadly, some not. Perhaps the most famous wreck of all was the Peter Iredale.

The Iredale, a British freighter, arrived at the mouth of the Columbia River in October of 1906 and soon found itself surrounded by fog. While waiting for a pilot ship to escort it over the river bar the Iredale was suddenly pushed out control by heavy winds and strong current.

It rammed into the beach so hard and so fast that three of the ship’s masts were snapped by the impact.

A nearby lifesaving team raced to the scene and, despite the dangerous conditions, rescued all 22 crew members and two stowaways. No one was seriously hurt.

The last one off the ship was Captain H. Lawrence. Once ashore, he turned to look at the Iredale, pulled out a bottle of whiskey and addressing his crew said, “Boys, have a drink.”

We crafted the Peter Iredale cocktail with Captain Lawrence in mind.

The wreck of the Peter Iredale in 1906. Salem Public Library photo.
The wreck of the Peter Iredale in 1906. Salem Public Library photo.


.75 oz. Dead Guy Whiskey
.75 oz. Dark Rum
.75 oz. fresh Lime Juice
5 fresh mint leaves

Combine Whiskey, Rum and lemon juice in a shaker with ice.


Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice.

Garnish with mint leaves.

A shipwreck on the beach was sure to attract attention and the Peter Iredale became of the biggest tourist attractions of the day. The local railroad ran special excursion trains from Astoria to the wreck site.

More than a century later, the Peter Iredale still draws them in. The ruins of this once mighty ship is one of the most photographed scenes along the Oregon Coast.

The Peter Iredale today. Pat Kight photo.
The Peter Iredale today. Pat Kight photo.