Booze And Doughnuts Equals Heaven

Yes Virginia, there is a National Donut Day, and it just happens to be today.


Naturally, we at Rogue Spirits are thinking about some of our favorite booze and doughnut combinations. Before you laugh, smirk or wince at the idea – we consider ourselves experts in this area thanks to our collisions with the crazies at Voodoo Doughnut of Portland, Oregon.

So whether you spell them as doughnuts or donuts, we have three suggestions for helping you celebrate this treasured holiday.

The Glazed Look:


Buy or make a dozen cake doughnuts.

In a bowl, mix a cup of unsalted soft butter with a half cup of Oregon Single Malt Whiskey. Remove two tablespoons of the whiskey butter and drop it in a sauté pan. Turn the heat to medium high and when the whiskey butter is melted, add a few doughnuts and fry them until fully coated in a delicious whiskey-butter glaze.

Repeat until you run out of doughnuts, or whiskey.

The Lazy Approach:


Open a bottle of Dead Guy Whiskey. Open a box of doughnuts. Eat and drink.

If you really must know why this combination works, it’s because Dead Guy has a strong malty backbone that pairs nicely with the sweetness of doughnuts.

Pretty much any doughnut will do.

The Obvious Choice:


What if someone came up with the great idea of making booze out of doughnuts? That’s where our collision with Voodoo Doughnut comes in.

Using the same ingredients as in their world-famous Bacon Maple bar, we created Voodoo Bacon Maple Vodka.

With their bar in one hand, and a glass of our vodka in the other, you’ll be in Bacon Maple heaven in no time.

Thanks for joining us at Rogue Spirits as we observe National Donut Day.

If for some unfortunate reason you’re unable to partake in this very special occasion, remember that good booze and sweet doughnuts will make any day feel like a holiday.