Barley, Malt and Mash – from John Maier

Rogue DIY floor malt just arrived at the Rogue Ales Brewery from the Farmstead Malt House in Tygh Valley, Oregon. Great stuff. Wonderful aroma, full flavor. You can taste the difference.

Newport, Oregon
Newport, Oregon

Starts with Rogue’s estate grown barley that Doc harvested a few months ago. Comes off the farm field, goes to the malt house. Let it steep for a day or two and then spread out across the floor. Eric, our resident floor malter, rakes and shovels the whole batch by hand until it reaches perfection. Hard work but worth it.

Why do it? Now we can create any kind of unique and proprietary malt we want. Roast it, smoke it, from pilsner to chocolate or even chipotle. Invent new flavors from scratch. If you grow it and floor malt it, you know it.

Now I get to work creating the mash. Then it goes across the parking lot to House of Spirits for distilling. If you want good whiskey, first make good beer.

John Maier

Rogue Dareā„¢ Malting Barley
Rogue Dare™ Malting Barley