A Hot Drink For Cool Nights

With the afternoon breezes and cool nights of autumn, comes another ritual of the season, the hazelnut harvest.


Our farm in Independence, Oregon is in the heart of hazelnut country. Nearly all the hazelnuts grown in the U.S. come from an orchard that’s less than an hour’s drive from Rogue Farms. Even our next-door neighbors, the Kirk family, grow hazelnuts. Listen carefully this time of year and you can hear the soft “thump” of nuts falling to the ground.

Now that the harvest is underway, we’re celebrating with an Oregon spin on a classic drink that’s sure to warm your toes on a cool autumn evening. Rogue Spirits Hazelnut Spice Rum is distilled with hazelnuts grown by the Kirks, which we roast fresh at the Rogue Distillery in Newport.



Four to six ounces hot water
One ounce Rogue Hazelnut Spice Rum
One tablespoon honey
One-quarter lemon
Cinnamon and sugar to taste

Combine the water and rum in a cup or mug. Squeeze the lemon wedge and add the juice and honey. Stir. Top with a dash of cinnamon, sugar and serve warm.