Rogue’s Hopoes, a Reliable Beer Currency

A statement from the President of the Rogue Nation about the original beer currency.



Much is being made of the rise of cryptocurrency across the globe. While I have been too busy leading the Rogue Nation to attempt to understand the details and nuance of this cryptocurrency insanity, I do want to take a moment to recall that for 16 years we have been printing our own beer currency.

Hopoes are the official currency of the Rogue Nation, printed in denominations such as $3.28, $4, $7, $11, $13, $19, and $100 and feature legendary Rogues that have been part of our journey in unique and special ways. The Hopoe is backed by the National Bank of Rogue, is pegged at a 1:1 ratio to the U.S. Dollar, and holds purchasing power at any Rogue Meeting Hall.


Invest in cryptocurrency at your own risk, but rest assured that the world’s first beer currency remains a safe and sound investment.

Big Al Jorgensen,

President of the Rogue Nation