Rogue Nation President Big Al, In Training

How the President preps for the Rogue Nation Tour.

Twice a year, President Big Al Jorgensen heads out on the road in RV Force One to spread the Revolution and rally with Citizens of the Rogue Nation across the country.

It isn’t all merriment, rabble-rousing, and Brutal IPA drinking, though. Life on the road is hard. Your fearless leader spent 24 days on the road during the Spring 2016 Rogue Nation Presidential Tour last May and June, traveling 5131 miles through seven states in RV Force One. Big Al braved blizzard conditions in snowy mountain passes and powered through the floods that ravaged West Texas all in an effort to spread revolution and join Rogue Nation Citizens at some of the finest drinking establishments in the Southwest.


How does President Big Al maintain peak physical fitness to stay ready for the rigors of the road between tours you might ask? With his own custom health regimen and a daily Brutal IPA, the official beer of the Rogue Nation, of course.


Big Al is ramping up his workouts in preparation for heading out on the road again soon. The Fall 2016 Rogue Nation Presidential Tour kicks off August 30th in North Carolina and will take Big Al through Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana before it wraps up on September 19th in Houston, Texas.

Big Al looks to you, Citizens of the Rogue Nation, to help determine where he stops along the way. Email his Chief of Staff at with suggestions for places Big Al should visit to rally with Rogue Nation Citizens.

Rise up!