Rogue Nation On The Road Again

Big Al kicks of Rogue Nation Tour 2017 in Eastern Washington.

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest this week, keep an eye out for RV Force One. It’ll be carrying the President of the Rogue Nation, Big Al to Kennewick and Richland, Wash. to meet and greet Rogue Nation Citizens and swear in new Citizens as well.

For the last two years, Big Al has been traveling the U.S. to find the Rogue Nation from sea to shining sea. In that time, he’s spent 173 days on the road, driving RV Force One a total of 27,660 miles through 42 states and 3 dust storms to establish 54 new Rogue Nation Embassies, recruit 1,129 new Rogue Nation Citizens, shake 1,455 hands, kiss 57 babies and drink 342 pints of Brutal (after he’s finished driving, of course). The only casualties would be the 235,913 bugs splattered on RV Force One’s windshield.

He’s traveled as far as Maine and Florida in RV Force One but he’s also brought the Rogue Nation to London and Amsterdam. This time, he’s staying a little closer to home. At least for now.

If you’re in Kennewick tonight (Jan. 25), join him for a pint. Click here for more info.

If you’re in Richland tomorrow, click here to see where you can find Al.