Rogue Gets Rouged

Rouge Brut IPA blended with Pinot Noir juice.

We here at Rogue Ales & Spirits brewed Rouge Brut IPA, a craft beer blended with Pinot Noir juice, as a nod to how our name gets misspelled most often. We affectionately call it "getting rouged."

June 5, 2019 — We don't joke about beer. So while many thought it was an April Fool's joke when we announced Rouge, a Brut IPA blended with Pinot Noir juice and dedicated to typos, we knew it was real and it was spectacular.

The label is an anagram of our name: Rogue. And it's been the most common misspelling of our brand since day one.

We do it sometimes too.
We do it sometimes too.

We can't count the times we've received phone calls for a "Rouge Alés" and we relish the opportunity to recount that one time our brewer's yeast was accidentally delivered to the gentleman's lounge, Club Rouge in Portland instead of Rogue Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery. Heck, we've even been guilty of misspelling our own name once or twice. It's such a common gaffe, we've even given it a term: "getting rouged."

After 30 years of "getting Rouged," we felt it was time to embrace our rougey roots and brew something delicious in honor of it.

Rogue Innovation Brewer Michael King set out on the task. He started with a brut IPA, a dry but aromatic example of the IPA style, combining 2-Row Malt, Corn Flakes and Rolled Oats. For hops, he selected Mosaic, Chinook, El Dorado, Strata, Rogue Farms Alluvial. He of course used our proprietary Pacman Yeast and Newport's own Free Range Coastal Water. And for a real Rogue (Rouge?) twist on it all, he blended it with Oregon Pinot Noir juice.

The result is a crisp and semi-dry brut IPA co-fermented with Oregon Pinot Noir juice for a unique flavor and an added rouge hue. The finish is hoppy and delicious.