Revolutionary Rosie

Rosalind P. Walter, more notably known as the original Rosie the Riveter, died on Wednesday, March 4 at the age of 95. Rosie was a Rogue through and through who inspired and motivated us to dare, risk and dream.

Rosie led an incredible life. She was a cultural icon throughout World War II and a notable philanthropist. She did what others were too afraid to do and was the epitome of a hard-working woman.

To honor this exceptional woman and to inspire us daily, Rosie’s ‘We Can Do It’ poster hung in our Rogue meeting halls. We also made a beer called the “Revolutionary Rosie.”

In a letter about the beer, former Rogue brewmaster John Maier wrote, “Inspired by women across America stepping up to help bolster the war effort during WWII, we brewed this Belgian dark strong ale we affectionately call Rosie.”

Cheers to you Rosie! Thanks for inspiring us Rogues to push the boundaries.

John Maier's tribute to Rosie
John Maier's tribute to Rosie