Have a Beer. Help a College Student.

Rogue Ales Hot Tub Scholarship Lager fosters future fermenters.

When Daniel Sharp earned one of three inaugural $10,000 Jack Joyce Scholarships in 2014 for his Fermentation Science studies at Oregon State University, he paid all of his school expenses and had a little left over.

So he did the most Rogue thing he could think of and bought a hot tub.

In the spirit of Daniel’s purchase — and the scholarship’s namesake, a hot tub fan himself, Rogue crafted Hot Tub Scholarship Lager, a refreshing German-style helles lager, perfect for pairing with hot tub soaks. And 10% of the lager’s sales go to funding that same Jack Joyce Scholarship, now awarded annually.


The artwork on the can remembers Jack Joyce himself having a beer in a hot tub. Available May through August the lager comes in 12oz. cans which will work out well when you’re relaxing in the hot tub.

Since Rogue created the Jack Joyce Scholarship in 2014, more than $185,000 has been awarded to 15 recipients, each one a student at Oregon State University’s Fermentation Sciences program pay for tuition, books, loans, and even a hot tub.

Six packs of Hot Tub Scholarship Lager will be available at Rogue Ales locations. Find cans by using Rogue’s Beer Finder. For more information visit