Four Adventures with Batsquatch

We have not been able to adventure with our friends much this year, but we are still able to adventure with the one and only Batsquatch. This legendary monster has made quarantine life much less lonely and much more exciting. See below for a few ideas on how to adventure with Batsquatch and share your adventures with us by tagging @rogueales and #batsquatchadventures on social media or uploading a photo to

Camp It Out

‘Tis the season for camping, whether in your living room or the great outdoors. Pitch a tent, grab a Batsquatch brew and roast some marshmallows (over a fake fire or even over the stove) solo or with your quarantine partner. Sleeping in a tent is fun no matter where you are.


Happy Hiker

Batsquatch is the ideal beer break brew. Go on a hike to search for the Northwest’s elusive Batsquatch monster. When you’re thirsty, crack open a can of Rogue’s Batsqutach Hazy IPA. Sip on a Batsquatch while seeking out the Batsquatch – it just makes sense. This juicy, cloudy IPA features intense tropical flavors for a refreshing and satisfying break or post-hike reward.



Batsquatch is a winner from the outside in. Enjoy the tasty hazy IPA and when you’re done, repurpose the rad can by turning it into a planter. When you can’t adventure in the outdoors, bring the outdoors inside by potting a new plant.


Canoe with a Brew

Row row row with Batsquatch. Or how about Rogue Rogue Rogue your boat. Take Batsquatch out on the open river for a float downstream. Cabrewing (a.k.a canoeing with a brew) is a fun and safe way to adventure. The tropical flavors of Batsquatch taste great on the water and will make it feel like you are floating far away from home on a relaxing vacation.