Yes, We Grow Cattle Too

In addition to our seven varieties of aroma hops and two varieties of malting barley, at Rogue Farms we also raise livestock.

At the Hopyard we have chickens, turkeys and potbellied pigs. At the Barley farm in Tygh Valley, we have a small herd of Longhorn cattle.

Please take a look at some of our new photos.

Here’s a photo of the three calves that were born at the Barley Farm in late 2012.


And here’s Doc McAllister feeding hay to a steer.


Our cattle are fed high quality Timothy hay. What’s leftover is shipped to Japan where they use it to feed their fancy Wagyu breeds.

We cut our hay in the summer.


At last count, Oregon has 1.28 million head of cattle. That makes us the cattle capital of the Pacific Northwest.