When It Snows, It Rains

All that beautiful snow that fell here at Rogue Farms is gone, replaced by the floodwaters of a rising Willamette River.

We knew something was up this morning when we first saw the river start to creep over the only road leading in and out of the farm. After last week’s blizzard things warmed up too quickly, causing a massive snow melt that filled up creeks, streams, rivers and eventually our farm.

Shortly after noon Thursday, the National Weather Service issued a Flood Watch for Northwest Oregon and warned that things were only going to get worse. The snow melt, they said, will be followed by two major rain storms and the river will rise another five feet in the next few days.

It was time to get out or be stranded. We plowed through the floodwaters and then stopped to take this one photo.


It’s too early to say when we’ll return. The Weather Service says the high water might stick around for another week, but it’s all in the hands of Mother Nature. As a precaution we canceled our Valentine’s Day Garage Sale and the My Dirty Valentine Dinner and Movie event.

Flooding is part of the natural cycle here in the Wigrich Appellation – and we are grateful for it. The rich alluvial soil where we grow our hops, rye, pumpkins, marionberries, jalapeños and honey is the legacy of centuries of Ice Age floods and seasonal winter floods that smothered this land with volcanic dirt. If not for the floods we may not even be farmers.

When the floodwaters finally recede, we hope you join us at Rogue Farms for another season of growing beers and spirits. But call us at 503-838-9813 to make sure the roads are clear.