Today The Birds, Tomorrow The Bees

It’s spring at Rogue Farms and you know what that means… Tom is obsessed, once again, with how he’s going to woo Juniper.

Tom, our Royal Palm male, on full display.
Tom, our Royal Palm male, on full display.

Here he is, showing off his feathery finery and doing his best turkey dance. As usual, Juniper appears unimpressed.

These two have always had a difficult relationship. Close friends at first, you’d find them roosting together at night and hanging out together during the day. But as Tom matured and tried to assert his male “privileges”, Juniper became distant.

Somewhere along the way, the two managed to have a couple of broods. And we know of at least one time when Tom strayed off the Hopyard. Our turkey Gravy, half wild and half domestic, is proof of that.

We’ll see what this year brings. But now that Tom is dancing and displaying – then spring is here.