These Little Piggies Went Into A Stupor

In many weddings, there’s a tradition of the bride tossing the bouquet.

For the weddings we host at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon we added a new tradition – tossing the leftover food (except meats) to our Potbellied Pigs, Voo and Doo.

This makes the pigs very happy. They have come to love weddings on the Farm almost as much as the bride and groom. But being pigs, they sometimes enjoy themselves a bit too much.

Just the other day, we’re over at the pig pen and Voo and Doo look positively comatose. Voo is wandering around in a daze. Doo refuses to stand up.

Voo and Doo love eat veggies, as long as there’s no better alternative.
Voo and Doo love eat veggies, as long as there’s no better alternative.

Our first thought is that something must be wrong. The pigs are sick! Considering some of the health problems these two had recently, we had good reason to worry. Adding to our concern, Voo and Doo hadn’t even touched the leftover veggies from the wedding we held the night before. When pigs don’t eat, you know something is screwy.

And the we spot the incriminating evidence.

Cake frosting.

Not long after we tossed the leftover salads into the pig pen, several members of the wedding party brought over what remained of the wedding cake. Actually, most of the wedding cake. Voo and Doo, being the rational pigs that they are, chose cake over veggies. When we caught up to them they were simply suffering from a piggy hangover. A day later and they were fine.

There is, as Aesop used to say, a moral to the story. When faced with difficult decisions it is sometimes okay to start with dessert. But be prepared to pay the price.

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