Seeds Of A Revolution

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend to plant this year’s crop of Dream pumpkins.

It’s amazing to think of how these tiny seeds revolutionized the way we do things at Rogue Farms. We’d been growing our own seven varieties of hops and two varieties of malting barley. But when dropped our first seeds of pumpkins in the soil a few years ago, the GYO revolution took a big leap forward.

First, here’s how we spent the weekend.

We laid out strings across the three acre pumpkin patch to create long, straight rows.


Following the strings, we dug thousands of tiny holes.


Dropped in some seeds.


And then we covered the holes up with dirt.

Dream pumpkins, a sweet baking variety, love the terroir of the Wigrich Appellation. In just a couple of weeks the seeds we just planted will look something like this.

The field of Dream pumpkins in late June of 2013.
The field of Dream pumpkins in late June of 2013.

How can pumpkins be so revolutionary?

For starters, growing our own meant that John Maier could use farm fresh, roasted pumpkins to brew Pumpkin Patch Ale. No canned pumpkins, no pumpkin puree, no artificial flavoring.

We picked our Dream pumpkins in the morning and trucked them over the Coast Range to the Rogue Brewery in Newport where we chopped, chunked and roasted them. John was brewing Pumpkin Patch Ale that same day.

John at the pumpkin patch in August.
John at the pumpkin patch in August.

The success of growing our own pumpkins showed us we could grow even more of our own ingredients for our beers and spirits. Since then we’ve added rye, honey, marionberries, jalapeños, wheat, corn, juniper, ginger, angelica, orris root and coriander.

Our proprietary palate of flavors of known origin now includes nearly two dozen ingredients for John to use as he brews and mashes unique craft beverages of distinction.

See how we grow our farm to table beers and spirits by visiting us this summer at Rogue Farms.