Rising Waters Cut Off Rogue Farms

We should’ve known better than to make predictions about the weather.

The entrance to Rogue Farms, closed until further notice.
The entrance to Rogue Farms, closed until further notice.

A day after boldly stating this week’s flood was a non-event, the Willamette River rose again, sending water rushing over Wigrich Road and pouring into our neighbor’s hazelnut orchard and into the hopyard at Rogue Farms.

Here on the only patch of high ground at the farm, we along with our honeybees and Potbellied pigs are doing fine. Not quite stranded, we’re getting in and out riding in one of our pickups. You probably won’t make it in a sedan, and certainly not on a bicycle as this guy attempted. But give him credit for trying.

Although the water isn’t deep, it is fast. You can see the current as the floods moved into our hopyard.


It’s a good thing we planted our winter cover crop of barley last month. The roots will hold the dirt in place and prevent the soil from washing away.


Here’s a look at the Kirk family hazelnut orchard. They grow the nuts we use in our Hazelnut Spice Rum. When the water is really high, beavers will swim in from the river and starting noshing on the hazelnut trees. As the Kirks can attest, beavers love hazelnut wood.


Having learned our lesson, we will not attempt to forecast, conjecture or guess how much longer this flood will last. If you’re thinking of coming out in the next few days, please call us ahead of time at 503-838-9813 to make sure the road is passable. The Weather Service says the floods will recede on Friday, but their batting average for this storm is only slightly better than ours.

When the all clear is sounded, please head to Rogue Farms and see how we grow beers, spirits, ciders and sodas from ground to glass and flood to flask.