Planting Our Rye Whiskey and Ale

With a big winter storm headed our way to Rogue Farms in Independence,Oregon, we took advantage of a few days of decent weather to plant 20 acres of Dream Rye.


We chose a field on higher ground and away from the river. Winter flooding is an ever present danger here in the Wigrich Appelation. Although our rye field has never flooded before, previous crops were knocked over in a windstorm or gobbled up by slugs.

If we chose well, the rye will stay high and dry this winter.


The rye we planted this week will be reaped, swathed, threshed, winnowed, floor malted and micro-malted at Rogue Farms for future batches of Oregon Rye Whiskey and Roguenbier Rye Ale.

We have to take extra special care of our Dream Rye because, for all we know, there are no other rye farmers in Oregon. So little rye is grown in the state that no government agency bothers to keep track. We grow our own to ensure we have quality ingredients of known origin in our proprietary palate of flavors we grow for Rogue beers, spirits, ciders and sodas.

Come join us at the Rogue Farms and see how grow beer and spirits.