Not Your Basic Batch (of Pumpkin Beer)

Rogue’s Pumpkin Patch Ale, made with real pumpkins, returns to shelves during the real pumpkin beer season.

A crisp wind blows and the leaves are turning brown as fall rolls in with the pumpkin menagerie: pumpkin spice cookies, pumpkin lattés, pumpkin bread, pumpkin butter, and Rogue’s Pumpkin Patch Ale.

Many pumpkin beers are released in mid-summer and use artificial, canned or puréed pumpkin. Rogue instead waits for the pumpkin harvest, which usually happens in late summer or early fall, and utilizes fresh Rogue Farms-grown pumpkins harvested at their peak ripeness. The pumpkins are handpicked and delivered 77 miles across the Oregon Coast Range to Rogue’s brewery in Newport, where they are then toasted in a pizza oven and tossed into the brew. Pumpkin Patch Ale is handmade from patch to batch and hits the shelves just in time for fall.


“It’s part of the Grow-Your-Own revolution,” said Rogue President Brett Joyce. “We never understood summer pumpkin beers, they just made no sense to us. Instead, we chose to take the extra time to grow our own pumpkins, so what you’re tasting isn’t something out of a tube, a can or a lab, but real pumpkin, complete with the terroir of the Willamette Valley.”

Great for pairing with dinners and desserts, Pumpkin Patch Ale is now available nationwide in 750ml bottles and on draft. Find some near you using the Rogue Beer Finder. You can find more information at

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