New Wave Of Oregon Floods Coming To Rogue Farms

Our first floods of winter at Rogue Farms are here and they're not going away anytime soon. If anything, they're going to get worse.

Flooding of Rogue Farms hopyard from above.
Flooding of Rogue Farms hopyard from above.

In the photo above, you can see the floods covering about one-quarter of our hopyard. That's pretty mild for a winter flood around here. The Willamette River, which runs alongside Rogue Farms, did not rise as high as was forecasted.

Hidden behind some trees, you can barely see where the floodwaters are coming in over the road. Here's a look from ground level.


And from another angle.


The currents are strong and the water over the road is a foot deep. That's why we closed down early on Sunday. We didn't want our guests getting stuck here.

This next photo is from the farm looking west down Wigrich Road. In the middle ground is another view of where the floods enter our hopyard, and behind it, where they flow into our neighbor's hazelnut orchard.


Here's what these spots look like from ground level.

Entering our hopyard.


The flooded hazelnut orchard.


Another round of flooding is just a few days away. We're expecting 2-3 inches of rain on Wednesday and Thursday, leading to new flooding on Friday. In this forecast, we'll have three more feet of water in the hopyard by the weekend.


How To Read This Graph: The orange line across the top shows you when we expect flooding at Rogue Farms. The line of diamonds below it shows you the average river level for this time of year.

We've learned over the years that floods are tough to predict. So we're ready to take on whatever Mother Nature sends our way.

Farming comes with risks, and for us, one of them is winter flooding. But we don't mind. Winter floods are a way of life at Rogue Farms and one of the reasons why we have such great terroir for growing hops. The floods and rain replenish our soil moisture and deposit a new layer of sediment each time they visit. The rich, alluvial loam at Rogue Farms is the legacy of centuries of Ice Age floods - and seasonal floods like what we're experiencing this week.

We'll let you know when it's safe for guests to return, then please drop in and see how floods and rain are helping us grow our beers, spirits, ciders and sodas from ground to glass.