Life At Rogue Farms, Neighbors Helping Neighbors

It was time to plant our Wigrich Corn this weekend and we were up against one of our biggest challenges yet.

The only equipment we had was the hand-powered push planter we used to seed our pumpkins. That was good enough for an acre of pumpkins, but using it to plant all four acres of corn? It would’ve taken us days to complete the chore. But if that’s what it took, we were ready to do it.

Then our neighbors came to the rescue.


They had just finished planting their corn and dropped by to see if we could some help. With an offer like that, how could we refuse?


What would’ve taken us days was wrapped up in less than an hour.


With the extra time on our hands, we were able to focus on other parts of the farm that might have gone neglected. We have yet to plant our jalapeños, cucumbers and the hops are in an early delicate stage of growth.

This isn’t the first time our neighbors have helped us out in a pinch. When the massive floods of 2012 left us stranded on the farm, the Kirks drove through the floodwaters in one of their big rigs so we could restock on food and water. Then it January it was our turn, as a group of Rogues repaired sidewalks in Independence that were damaged in this year’s flooding.

Neighbors helping neighbors is part of the way of life here in farm country. It is one of the best parts` about growing our own beer, spirits, ciders and sodas.