Join Us For The Harvest Season!

After a brief rain delay, we’re back in the fields at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, harvesting our 100 acres of Risk™ malting barley.

It’s been touch and go the last couple of days. Heavy rain and lightning rolled through the farm on Wednesday afternoon. So we worked when weather permitted, and took a break when we had no choice. This morning, we woke up to bright sunny skies and a forecast for perfect harvest weather over the next several days.

The calendar for our 2014 Beer And Spirits Harvest is taking shape. So we’re officially inviting you to visit us at Rogue Farms for the harvest season. Here’s a look at what crops we’re harvesting this year and when. Keep in mind that these date are estimates. The exact timing is up to Mother Nature.

Dare™ Malting Barley – Rogue Farms, Tygh Valley, Oregon

Our 100 acres of Dare™ malting barley we planted this spring are ripening faster than anyone expected. Our estimated harvest date is July 30, about two weeks ahead of schedule.


McKercher Wheat – Rogue Farms, Independence, Oregon

Our McKercher wheat loved the heat wave we had this summer and the green heads we had this spring have turned into a beautiful amber. Estimated harvest date is August 8th. We can’t wait to learn how it will taste in our MoM’s Hefeweizen.


Freedom Hops – Rogue Farms, Independence, Oregon

Freedom hops are the first of the seven varieties we’ll harvest this year. John Maier will come out to join us so he can personally select the cones he’ll use to brew our Wet Hop Ale.

The estimated harvest date is August 18th. Then we’ll pick the remaining six varieties over the next few weeks.


Dream Pumpkins – Rogue Farms, Independence, Oregon

Just as our hops harvest is winding down, it’ll be time to pick our Dream Pumpkins. Estimated harvest date is September 14th.

We’ll pick our three acre patch of pumpkins in the morning and then drive them over the Coast Range to our Brewery in Newport.

There we’ll clean them, chop them, and roast them to sweet perfection. When we’re done, John will use them to brew our farm fresh Pumpkin Patch Ale. From Patch To Batch in 3 hours and 42 minutes.


Hazelnuts – Rogue Farms, Independence, Oregon

October kicks off with the hazelnut harvest at Kirk Family Filberts, our next door neighbors on Wigrich Road. The Kirks grow the hazelnuts, and then we roast them for Rogue Spirits Hazelnut Spice Rum.

99% of the U.S. hazelnut crop is grown a short drive from our farm in Independence. Estimated harvest date is October 1st.


Wigrich Corn – Rogue Farms, Independence, Oregon

Another new crop in our proprietary palate of flavors. We grew four acres of Wigrich sweet corn that will mash and distill for Rogue Spirits corn whiskey and bourbon.

We’ll pick the ears, then drive them to the Farmstead Malt House in Tygh Valley to be shucked, shelled, dried and micro malted. Our estimated harvest date is October 7th.


Jalapeños – Rogue Farms, Independence, Oregon

The last of the crops we’ll harvest is our one acre patch of Rogue Farms jalapeños.

Most growers pick their peppers when they’re still green. But we hold off until their fully ripe and bright red.

That way they’re perfect for dry smoking into chipotles at our Brewery in Newport, then John uses them to brew Chipotle Ale and mash Chipotle Spirit. The estimated harvest date is October 16th.

There’s a lot going on at Rogue Farms for the next few months as we harvest, pick, strip, sort, kiln, cool, bale, roast and smoke our barley, hops, wheat, corn, pumpkins and peppers.

Please come to Rogue Farms for the season of harvesting our beers, spirits, ciders and sodas!