From Flood To Mud, Clean Up Time At Rogue Farms

With the road to Rogue Farms finally open, we returned this morning to get our first look at the farm after more than two weeks of flooding.

What a mess! Mud and debris are everywhere.


This is one of the first things we saw driving in, a big chunk of compost weighing hundreds of pounds. Before the floods, it was sitting on the edge of our field of marionberries. Here it was this morning, 300 yards away from its original spot.

The rest of the marionberry field is in rough shape, too.


Next is a fallen tree by our hopyard. It wasn’t here before the floods either. We’re not sure where it came from.


Our job for the next couple of days is to roll up our sleeves, clean up this mess and fully assess the damage before we reopen the farm to the public. Thankfully, the farm buildings, including the processing facility, Chatoe Rogue Tasting Room and Hop ‘N’ Bed all appear to be in good shape.

But we still have lots of standing water in the hopyard.


And so do our neighbors in their hazelnut orchard.


Today was a sobering and humbling experience. A vivid reminder of the power of Mother Nature. This wasn’t our deepest flood by any means, but it caused more damage than we’ve seen before. The clean up will keep us busy for days and weeks to come.

It also reminds us that as farmers, we accept whatever Mother Nature sends our way, good or bad. Our hops really needed this moisture. The floods of December busted the drought and dry conditions that hung over the farm for nearly a year. They also left behind a new layer of dirt, replenishing the rich alluvial soil that makes this one of the best places to grow the ingredients for our beers, spirits, ciders and sodas.

If all that means we have some extra work to do, that’s just fine with us.

We plan to reopen Rogue Farms on Wednesday for our normal operating hours. Drop in and witness the power of Mother Nature for yourself and join us as we Grow The Revolution!